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Custom punks are just $150 and include the NFT on the DeSo chain

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CloutPunk is already making history on DeSo. Now you can get punk'd too for just $150.

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Buy a punk for $150
We'll transfer the NFT to you so it's yours to own or sell
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Celebrating the early creators on BitClout


15% FR

Buy $100 $cloutpunk coin for a unique custom punk based on your profile image.


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Hold the $CloutPunk coin to get a share of all future NFT sales.


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Invest more so that you get an even bigger share of NFT sales.


Founder reward

The founder reward is set to 15% to cover the cost of creating the punks, sending the NFT's via opensea and to ensure the coin value continues to increase over time

Hear from some punks

Amanda Johnstone
The global female face of emerging technology

This is a pinch me moment!

I love the work of @cloutpunk and am excited about the NFT, featuring 1023 BitClout creators.

Jake Udell
Founder at TH3RD BRAIN

Honored. Obsessed. Grateful.

Paul Burke
Developer at BitClout +

This is how you do a bitclout NFT.

There will only be 1024 punks!

15 y/o nerd who enjoys inspiring people

I love this community so much! Cloutpunk is not a project, but a movement

Dr Keyes
Founder: @celebrityplastics

Love being part of this group! This is ALL OVER Clubhouse.

Scott Co
building a hub for the creator economy

@cloutpunk project launched just days ago & current market cap is $400k!

Hustle + execution from founders @danielkempe & @manusrikumar

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